lunedì 28 marzo 2016

Joanna Golabek 26 Marzo 2016

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6 commenti:

  1. Sexy, sexy pantyhosed feet! Happy Easter, Jo! Love and kisses. SR. xxx

  2. No stockings no party

    1. Agree, she look so much better with stockings.
      Hope she will do the micro mini skirt with stockings next weekend!

    2. I also agree. An elegant and classy lady like Jo must always be with mini skirt and stockings. She can support that outfit better than everybody else.You can find only few women that support that kind of outfits and don't make them look cheap,insteand looking high class.Jo is one of them,that's why when a new fan finds her,follows forever.I'm a fan since 2010.
      Jo wish you the best for you and your family and looking forward to see this weekend.

  3. Ciao super impareggiabile, elegante e raffinata Joanna!!!
    Guarda il tuo calendario dicembre 2012 ti vorremo così!!!!

  4. Dove l'hai lasciato oggi a Roby???